texas Funnies


Whelp, I’m under the weather (but pumping myself full of Zicam and other “homeopathic” remedies) and I’m bored at work. So why am I telling you this? Because of the following truth in life:

The more drugged up Brook is (DUB), coupled with an increase in boredom at work (BAW), means an exponential growth in both the number of posts (NOP) and the quality of posts (QOP) on this blog. Good news!

Because of said truth, I have dedicated some of my lunch hour work time to perusing the interwebs to find some good ol’ fashioned texas humor. Spoiler alert! It only took a few minutes to figure out the whole world wants to set texas on fire hates texas. Shocker!

Just cry it out boys...just cry it out.

Haha (In my best "Nelson" voice)

And my personal favorite…

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